Marc Pégulu

Marc Pégulu
Marc Pégulu 是 Semtech 无线和传感产品部的市场营销副总裁。


Q&A: IotaComm, TEKTELIC and Semtech Discuss Product Agreement

Posted by Marc Pégulu on 06 October 2021

IotaComm, TEKTELIC and Semtech recently announced a product development and licensing agreement to develop a gateway based on the LoRaWAN® standard and Semtech’s LoRa® chipset.

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Posted by Marc Pégulu on 03 August 2021

The market for smart home technology continues to grow at a rapid pace. Research from Statista shows that revenue in the European smart home market is projected to reach £18,504m in 2021, growing to £31,682m by 2025, by which time there will be over 97m smart home users.

Across the board, from home automation to smart kitchen appliances and voice assistant-enabled lighting, consumer electronics companies are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect everyday devices to the cloud, bringing new opportunities and control for consumers.

The global pandemic has added to this growing trend, causing people to spend more time at home and think afresh about how their home is used and controlled. An April 2021 report by International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that video entertainment, smart speakers and security and monitoring were the top categories in smart home technology in 2020 as householders sought to improve their homes.

As the technology and market has developed, users’ expectations have changed. At first, users were attracted to gimmicky applications but are now more concerned with real world uses that bring actual benefits to their lives. Moving forward, the smart home market will start to see more products that can have a significant impact on the consumer’s day to day life. This wide range of products includes technology and applications such as pet geofencing, which can set boundaries for a pet and warn the owner when it strays outside this area. Other examples could be connected pest traps, telling householders when the trap has been activated.

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How the IoT Is Shaping Asset Management Solutions

Posted by Marc Pégulu on 22 July 2021

Asset tracking is one of the most widely deployed Internet of Things (IoT) applications. According to Juniper Research, there will be a 27% increase in asset tracking usage over the next five years, growing from 90 million in 2020 to 114 million by 2025. With this increase, IoT solutions need to enable the efficient and reliable monitoring of assets as they move through the production cycle, and often throughout large warehouses and campuses. Having access to reliable location data is increasingly valuable to production managers, reducing the potential for assets to be misplaced or lost entirely during their journey.


At the same time, IoT solutions can be expensive or impractical to implement because of the vast area the asset needs to travel. The main difficulty is linking remote sensors wirelessly to the internet across a variety of sites, both indoors and outdoors – even across different countries – in a seamless manner. The ideal wireless solution should be cost efficient, low power and secure, with the ability to work over long distances. By coupling those features with a low cost and lightweight solution with a standardized infrastructure, the result is a reliable tracking solution that allows logistics operators to reduce downtime during transportation.

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LoRa® 为每个物联网器件带来地理定位

Posted by Marc Pégulu on 14 July 2021

让地理定位技术成为任何类型的联网设备都能提供的本地服务,何乐而不为?如果有一种解决方案,能让电池寿命超过现有蜂窝网络解决方案的 10 倍,并且客户能仅在需要时付费使用地理定位服务,岂不妙哉?地理定位的未来已经到来。

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使用 LoRaWAN® 物联网解决方案节约公用事业资源

Posted by Marc Pégulu on 22 June 2021

传统公用事业作业耗费人力,并通常由现场人员进行主观测量。计量表通常位于建筑物密集的城市环境、室内,甚至地下,无线技术很难甚至无法在此类环境使用。通过实施由采用 LoRaWAN® 标准的传感器和网关组成的智能公用事业基础设施(包括流分析和人工智能 (AI)),公用事业和计量公司可以收集实时数据、分析它并根据数据的见解采取行动,无论数据在哪里生成 – 从而更有效地利用资源和人员以简化运营。 

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LoRa® 解决现实世界的挑战

Posted by Marc Pégulu on 02 June 2021

很难相信 Semtech 的 LoRa® 器件和 LoRaWAN® 标准仅仅问世六年。从物联网 (IoT) 开发人员、跨国公司到网络提供商,每个人都在为强大的 LoRaWAN 生态系统做贡献,从而实现多个行业的数字化转型。

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Addressing Food Supply Inefficiencies With IoT Solutions

Posted by Marc Pégulu on 26 May 2021


世界数百万人面临着饥饿的威胁,而且数字还在不断上升。全球约 6.9 亿人每晚饿着肚子睡觉,而这一 figure is expected to increase to 840 million people by 2030.

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通过 LoRaWAN® 转变智能零售

Posted by Marc Pégulu on 20 May 2021

智能零售是指传统购物方式与现代“智能”技术的混合,它正在改变零售业格局。通过物联网 (IoT),凭借植入式器件与计算机之间的通信积累数据。这样就可以让消费者享受更加个性化、更快和更直观的零售体验,例如个性化的优惠券和智能管理的库存。

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开始使用 LoRa® 的三种方法

Posted by Marc Pégulu on 19 May 2021

Semtech 的 LoRa® 器件用于超过 1.78 亿个终端节点、130 万个网关和 150 家公共或专用网络运营商,并且这些数字还在不断增长,是理想的物联网 (IoT)* 无线平台。ABI Research 估计,到 2026 年,超过 50% 的非蜂窝低功耗广域连接将采用 LoRa。LoRa 器件和 LoRaWAN® 协议的采用必然会激增。

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Posted by Marc Pégulu on 20 April 2021

如今美国 83% 的人口居住在人口稠密的城市。城市中的机会和文化吸引来越来越多的人,洪灾的风险也急剧上升。仅 2019 年,洪水就造成了 459 亿美元的经济损失。

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