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Marc Pégulu

Marc Pégulu

Marc Pégulu 是 Semtech 无线和传感产品部的市场营销副总裁。


Asset tracking is one of the most widely deployed Internet of Things (IoT) applications. According to Juniper Research, there will be a 27% increase in asset tracking usage over the next five years, growing from 90 million in 2020 to 114 million by 2025. With this increase, IoT solutions need to enable the efficient and reliable monitoring of assets as they move through the production cycle, and often throughout large warehouses and campuses. Having access to reliable location data is increasingly valuable to production managers, reducing the potential for assets to be misplaced or lost entirely during their journey.


At the same time, IoT solutions can be expensive or impractical to implement because of the vast area the asset needs to travel. The main difficulty is linking remote sensors wirelessly to the internet across a variety of sites, both indoors and outdoors – even across different countries – in a seamless manner. The ideal wireless solution should be cost efficient, low power and secure, with the ability to work over long distances. By coupling those features with a low cost and lightweight solution with a standardized infrastructure, the result is a reliable tracking solution that allows logistics operators to reduce downtime during transportation.


根据 ABI Research 委托发布的白皮书《LoRaWAN® 和 Multi-RAN 架构连接未来十亿物联网器件》,LoRaWAN 标准是领先的免授权低功耗广域 (LPWA) 网络标准,可支持物联网的大规模采用——物联网采用的最大领域包括资产追踪和物流。

The following is an excerpt from the ABI Research white paper:

With IoT-based sensors, asset tracking solutions can provide broader visibility into three types of use cases:

  • Asset Identification: High-volume package-level tracking of assets using very low-cost either reusable or disposables tags.

  • Asset Track and Trace: 包括使用电池供电的传感器器件追踪静止或缓慢移动的无动力资产的位置。智能传感器解决方案还可以覆盖追踪资产地理位置的区域。

  • Asset Condition Monitoring: This covers IoT applications that allow for remote monitoring of the condition, status, or health of assets in the field.

自动化资产管理解决方案可以嵌入到资产中,例如托盘、包裹、集装箱和其他设备,以提供更好的供应链可见性。如今,大多数资产追踪器都采用多无线电架构,其中包括用于室内位置追踪的蓝牙低功耗 (BLE) 和 Wi-Fi 等短距离无线协议,并提供与智能手机的接口。用于室外追踪的全球导航卫星系统 (GNSS) 和 LoRaWAN 等 WAN 技术正越来越多地用于位置追踪。

借助更多的传感器和位置数据,例如 GNSS 和网络地理定位,资产追踪器可用于追踪应用,数据传输频率从每小时一次到几分钟一次不等。器件到云的地理定位服务进一步降低了器件硬件成本并优化了电池能耗。Semtech 的 LoRa Edge™ 等解决方案结合了 Wi-Fi、GNSS 和 LoRa®,可在云端处理位置数据,以提供米级定位精度。

LoRa 地理定位的优势 

资产追踪是部署最广泛的物联网 (IoT) 应用之一。根据 Juniper Research 的数据,未来五年资产追踪使用量将增加 27%,从 2020 年的 9000 万增加到 2025 年的 1.14 亿。伴随这一增长,当资产在整个生产周期中移动(通常是在大型仓库和园区中)时,物联网解决方案需要对其进行高效、可靠的监测。可靠的位置数据对生产经理越来越重要,因为它们可以减少资产在运输中错放或完全丢失的可能性。LoRa Edge 是一种多技术地理定位解决方案,可帮助供应链和物流专业人员显著降低成本,并减少物联网资产追踪和监测解决方案的设计复杂性。收发器利用 GNSS 追踪室外应用和 Wi-Fi 无源扫描,从而追踪室内资产——在单个芯片上实现连续的室内-室外追踪。LoRa Edge 可以在室外和室内活动之间自动转换。这是市场上的一个关键差异化因素,人们无需再为室内或室外应用构建不同追踪器或将多种定位方法组合到单个芯片组中,从而降低了复杂性和成本。


  • Increased efficiency and productivity:  Traditional asset tracking technology can be challenging for workers, as it requires them to physically monitor each individual pallet with little help. Implementing IoT solutions to monitor assets provides workers with the ability to quickly locate and deploy assets, saving time, fuel, equipment and resources. 

  • Efficient management and operations: ——借助地理定位和 GPS 技术,物流经理可以精简追踪车辆、产品移动和统计数据所需的劳动力。通过双向沟通,车队经理可以与团队实时沟通。通过简化此流程,管理人员可以将员工重新分配到其他部门或增值更多的任务上。

  • Real time location tracking – Implementing a low power, long range solution into the supply chain allows assets to be tracked throughout all points of the journey. A smart asset tracking solution can simply inform managers of the whereabouts of goods and prevent theft and other losses.

Real-World Use Case

GPS 以及物联网硬件和器件管理软件的领先供应商 Digital Matter 利用 LoRa Edge 资产管理平台开发出 Yabby Edge,这是一种用于室内/室外资产管理的创新电池供电型追踪器件。LoRa Edge 平台可显著降低物联网资产管理的成本和复杂性,适合各种关键应用,如托盘和仓库设备跟踪、库存和货运管理、手推车、货车和集装箱跟踪、医疗设备管理等。

Yabby Edge 器件在 LoRaWAN 网络上运行,具有以下功能:

  • GNSS 和 Wi-Fi 扫描与基于云的地理定位

  • Game-changing battery life with up to 12 years on only 2 x AAA user-replaceable batteries

  • Tracks assets when they’re on the move and enters sleep mode when stationary to save power

  • Low cost to support large-scale deployments

在确定合适的地理定位解决方案时,Digital Matter 研究了三个主要因素——电池寿命、器件尺寸和成本。Yabby Edge 能够满足所有这三个要求,具备低功耗和令人难以置信的电池寿命,采用紧凑、隐蔽和超坚固的外壳,并能低成本制造以支持大规模部署。

Location data can be easily forwarded to any customer platform or system for simple integration and device settings can be configured to fit any tracking application.

借助 LoRa Edge,Digital Matter 帮助客户在各种垂直领域部署超低功耗和经济高效的解决方案。



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