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认识 Semtech 的新型 BlueRiver® ASIC 系列

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Gareth Heywood

Gareth Heywood

认识 Semtech 的新型 BlueRiver® ASIC 系列In my 20 years at Semtech, I have been fortunate to have worked on many interesting products and experienced many market successes along the way. However, being a part of the first BlueRiver® ASIC development was certainly a career highlight in many ways. First, it was a treat to be immersed in the amazing and innovative technologies that are the backbone of BlueRiver: 10G Ethernet, IP networking, advanced video processing, and high speed video to name but a few! Second, I was able to explore the broad applications and plethora of use cases in the exciting Professional AV market that will be enabled by, and benefit from, the BlueRiver ASIC. And finally, I had the pleasure of working with a world class team of engineers and professionals dedicated to growing the video business in Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group.

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在此阅读 BlueRiver ASIC 新闻稿

Semtech 屡获殊荣的 BlueRiver 平台已对蓬勃发展的 AV over IP 市场产生了重大影响。BlueRiver是以太网传输软件定义视频 (SDVoE™) 的核心技术,被公认为唯一能真正取代传统矩阵切换应用的技术。有了 BlueRiver,仅需一个通用的 API 就能在标准 10G 以太网上传输高达 4K 分辨率的视频信号,并且具有亚毫秒级的延迟、完美无伪像的画质,以及音频和控制信号。那么,新的 ASIC 产品系列到底带来了什么?

New Levels of Performance

ASIC 实质上将现有基于 FPGA 的 BlueRiver 解决方案迁移到高度集成、低功耗的外形尺寸中,同时显著降低了实施基于 BlueRiver 产品的总体系统成本。功耗可以降低到 FPGA 所需的三分之一,成本降低到几乎一半(具体取决于所需的功能集)。由于支持铜缆和光纤网络连接,ASIC 既可以针对现有的铜缆基础设施,也可以利用光纤的快速发展,为下一代视频分辨率提供面向未来的投资。

The BlueRiver product line is comprised of three devices: the entry level AVP1000 provides high-performance switching and distribution of AV content up to true 4K60. Exceeding the performance required by a traditional Pro AV matrix switch or KVM system, BlueRiver AVP1000 includes the ability to transport HDMI signals with HDR, stereo or multichannel audio and control signals including Infrared, RS-232 and USB. The AVP2000 includes all of the functionality of AVP1000, and adds the BlueRiver AV Processor, which provides broadcast-quality image scaling, multi-source video compositing, video wall processing with bezel correction, and audio down-mixing. Unique to the ASIC product family is the AVP2000T, which provides true transceiver functionality for bidirectional HDMI in a single chip. This enables products such as media servers, which require both HDMI inputs and outputs, to connect to the SDVoE network using only one Ethernet connection, as shown in the following diagram.

ASIC 博客媒体服务器

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有了这项新技术,设计者可以大胆畅想全新的产品类别,以充分发挥 BlueRiver 收发器的丰富功能和低功耗优势。例如,通过 SDVoE 网络实现房间与房间之间资源共享的壁板。BlueRiver ASIC 的另一个独特功能是集成了 USB-HID,可支持键盘、视频和鼠标 (KVM) 应用。完全联网的 KVM 切换器允许单个操作员使用一组 USB 外围设备控制多台计算机。


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可以开发全新类别的 SDVoE 产品

正如我们从上面的媒体服务器例子中看到的,ASIC 可以完全集成到终端设备中,在音视频源和显示器上实现本地 SDVoE 连接。ASIC 占用空间小、功耗低、成本低,不仅支持全新类别的 SDVoE 产品,也有助于发展更广泛的 SDVoE 生态系统。通过终端设备集成,可大大降低系统成本和复杂性,令不同制造商的设备之间可以实现更高水平的互操作性。制造商可以迁移到完全集成的解决方案,同时仍具备与现有 SDVoE 产品的完全向后兼容性。

ASIC 博客端点集成

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The ASIC is fully compatible with existing SDVoE products due to the commonality of the SDVoE API: the control protocol that is the heart of SDVoE. SDVoE-based installations can be augmented and upgraded with ASIC-based equipment while continuing to use the existing software control systems, saving on installation cost and downtime. This allows software developers to focus on new and exciting applications, knowing that both current and new SDVoE products are fully interoperable.

In summary, the new BlueRiver AVP chipset enables a new generation of lower cost SDVoE products and peripherals, targeting direct integration into AV end-products, such as sources and displays. This drives significant growth of the SDVoE ecosystem.

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